We combine strategic, industrial and financial expertise with a strong entrepreneurial track record.

With a senior track record of many years’ experience in leading international corporations, the energy industry, financial institutions, and consulting companies, alongside having direct entrepreneurial investment experience, our team possesses an exceptional combination of skills for scale-up investments.

About us
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Venture Capital Business Angels Friends & Family Time Financial Performance Growth Equity Mature Growth Equity Buyout Revenue EBITDA y = Financial Performance = Revenue = EBITDA x = Time y = Financial Performance = Revenue = EBITDA x = Time

Friends & Family

Business Angels

Venture Capital

Growth Equity

  • Advanced stage of the industrial scale-up phase
  • Robust revenues, backed by credible sales pipeline
  • Positive unit economics
  • Ideally profitable EBITDA

Mature Growth Equity


We provide growth capital and strategic support to scale-up companies leading the green energy transition.

We partner with businesses that have high growth potential, unique scalable technologies, a sound business model and an exceptional management team; in short, those that will play a significant role in the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future. We operate in the attractive space between Venture Capital and Buyout transactions.

Investment Strategy

We believe that there is a strong link between successful ESG integration and sustainable high-growth returns.

The adoption of ESG principles and goals will lead to better long-term financial returns, the avoidance of non-rewarded risks and a tangible positive impact on the environment.