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Friends & Family

Business Angels

Venture Capital

Growth Equity

  • Advanced stage of the industrial scale-up phase
  • Robust revenues, backed by credible sales pipeline
  • Positive unit economics
  • Ideally profitable EBITDA

Mature Growth Equity


Our investment sweet spot

We operate as a Growth Equity investor filling up the gap between early-stage Venture Capital and Buyout. We offer capital to unlock the full growth potential of our investments.

Our Approach

We invest in companies that provide technological innovations and solutions to meet the critical needs of the Green Energy transition.

Identify innovative, scalable Green Tech companies with proprietary technology / sustainable USP

Operate in the underserved space of Private Equity markets between Venture Capital and Buyouts

Provide Growth Equity as well as industrial and financial expertise to unlock full commercial potential

Achieve a MOIC of > 3.5x and provide a tangible contribution to the Green Energy transition

Our target segments

We invest in Green Tech along the whole energy value chain.

These represent just some of our focus areas. If you are an entrepreneur driving innovation in the Green Energy transition space, even if your company doesn't fall within these specified categories, we encourage you to reach out.



Sustainable Fuels

Carbon Capture, Usage
and Storage





Mobility Solutions

Efficiency Solutions

Recycling & Second-Life

Our investment focus

We back companies that play an enabling role in the Green Energy transition with market-proven solutions.

We mainly invest tickets between EUR 20 and 50 million in European companies, although we can also provide tailored financial solutions.

Strong management team covering both technical and commercial expertise

Proven business model demonstrated by an existing customer base & revenues

Targeting opportunities in Europe

Significant, sustainable TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Innovative, industrially scalable product along the Green Energy Value Chain

Technological Readiness Level (TRL) of 8 or 9 limiting the technological risk

IP protected core technology securing long-term USP

Growth Equity investment profile with an average ticket size of EUR 20 - 50 million

Strong revenue growth potential by entering the industrial scale-up phase

Short-term profitability potential being on track to EBITDA break-even and targeted exit within 4 – 7 years

Growth acceleration potential with T2Y's financial, industrial, and strategic expertise

Ecosystem fit within at least one of T2Y's eight defined focus ecosystems

Contribution to the Green Energy transition within a foreseeable time frame

Hands enclosed around soil with green plant inside
Our value-add
  • We are entrepreneurs by heart and have demonstrated success in growing successful companies.

  • We leverage our exceptional industrial network, encompassing sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and energy, to support and accelerate the growth trajectories of our portfolio companies.

  • Our strategic partnerships, combined with our extensive financial network and expertise, allow us to provide customized funding solutions that meet specific needs.